North Dallas Bulldog Support League

Accomplishments To Date - What we have done so far


All funds from NDBSL's fundraising efforts go back to the school.  Our contributions (funds or goods) are made directly to North Dallas High School, or to another support group with whom we have partnered for a specific event or activity.   Our funds are used to supplement and/or offset what DISD does not provide.

NDBSL is also a participating member in ND's Community Advisory Group and the Site Based Decision Management (SBDM) group.

Listed below, by school year, are items, activities, events which NDBSL has fully or partially funded.

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2015 - 2016 School Year


  • Provided debate team materials and shirts
  • Books and classroom materials for the English department
  • Provided needed supplies for 2015 Valedictorian Raviola Wenno


2014 - 2015 School Year

  • Support for the Early Start Freshman Program
  • Individual NDBSL members provide funds, items and time in support of North Dallas' and Spence's homeless students through The Church of the Incarnation's outreach program
  • A camera lens for the yearbook staff
  • Supplies and T-shirts for the debate team
  • Two (2) portable dance bars for Dance Arts 
  • Various supplies and aids for teachers


2013 - 2014 School Year

  • Early Start Freshman Program (an orientation camp for incoming freshmen)
  • Professional development programs and equipment rental
  • Equipment for the wrestling team
  • Partial funding for post card printing, which were mailed to incoming freshmen from feeder schools
  • 2014 senior class activities
  • An NDBSL ad for the yearbook (which was the first published in several years)
  • Support for Saturday school
  • Support for the annual Prose and Poetry Night
  • Individual members provided time and items in support of The Church of The Incarnation's outreach to ND's homeless students


2012 - 2013 School Year

  • Funding for the Early Start Freshman Program (an orientation camp for incoming freshmen)
  • Funding for Rosetta Stone program licenses
  • Participation in the NDHS Booster Club Cross-Country event
  • Band shoes for band members
  • Funding for various student incentives such as tutoring programs, attendance, pledge banners, etc.
  • Partial funding for staff development programs and incentives and year-end activities
  • Teacher/Parent Night reception
  • Funding for the debate team to attend the Baylor Debate Camp


2011 - 2012 School Year

  • Early Start Freshman Program (an orientation camp for incoming freshmen)
  • Freshman class academic activities
  • Beginning of the year teacher incentives
  • Purchased three (3) sets of atlases for the social studies class
  • Restructuring Committee meetings (in support of the school's application for the TIPPS Grant)
  • Teacher appreciation week luncheon
  • Bus transportation to SST test sites
  • Three (3) outdoor banners announcing ND's academies:  STEM Academy, Academy of Information and Technology, Academy of Finance
  • Various student incentives, including three (3) gift cards to be used as prizes for the winners of a post card design contest
  • Partial funding for post card printing.  Post cards were designed by ND students and were mailed to incoming freshmen from feeder schools.


2010 - 2011 School Year

  • Funding to establish after-school student clubs
  • Professional staff development programs
  • Purchased "The Odyssey" graphic novel
  • Science lock-in for TAKS tests
  • National Honor Society ceremony and reception
  • Lunch for teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week in May, 2011
  • Matched a donation from an anonymous donor for the art department
  • Department collaboration meetings
  • Restructuring Committee meetings in support of the school's application for the TIPPS Grant 
  • Various gift cards for the staff and principal to use in student recognition activities
  • Various teacher supplies



Accomplishments To Date